Author Topic: Sheepscot, Thursday April 18  (Read 1844 times)

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Sheepscot, Thursday April 18
« on: April 18, 2013, 09:34:58 PM »
When I arrived at Sheepscot this morning to finish inspecting the journal boxes, one of the first things I noticed was this empty paint bucket.


"There must be something around here that's been freshly painted," I said to myself, making use of the detective training course I had paid for with cereal box tops in my youth—a very long time ago. "I'll keep an eye out for it."

So I turned to unlock the machine shop door, and……..


 I ask you: Is that a splendidly painted Bay 4 door or what?

Turns out that Stewart Rhine had taken advantage of the nice weather the day before to apply the contents of the paint bucket, or at least a portion thereof. The picture makes the right hand door look differently constructed from the left hand, but it's just the result of the angle of the sun's rays at that hour.

Today Stewart was busy chipping away the last of the rotted sill under the Sheepscot station office. By the time I finished with the journal boxes the sill was gone. With rain expected later in the day, Stewart left scrap pieces of plywood as a temporary splash barrier.