Author Topic: Visual documentation of the restoration of a Hanomag 60cm 0-4-0  (Read 2368 times)

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Just to keep you guys reminded that you are not the only ones doing good work...I thought to share this like with you from a German Field Railway Newsgroup as they have enough pictures that you don't need to read the German to understand the work that they are going through to restore this "Playground" engine.  Many, many of these industrial locomotives ended up as playground equipment and suffered more or less, we have several at our museum in Frankfurt that have returned from the playground to steam again...

If you are dying to understand the story in German contact me and I will help you with the garage that comes out of an automatic translation program.

keep up the narrow mindedness...
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Re: Visual documentation of the restoration of a Hanomag 60cm 0-4-0
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Very nice! Looks a bit like the goings on over in Boothbay! Thanks, Thor!