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Raise Easy Money by Recycling Electronic Junk

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James Patten:
For years I've been reading in the Ffestiniog Magazine how members can recycle print cartridges and raise money for the FR Society at the same time.  So I finally decided to look into it.

We now are set up with Think Recycle to get credit for all sorts of electronic junk: from print cartridges (a few cents) and cell phones up to I-pods and digital cameras (dollars).  Visit http://www.thinkrecycle.com for more information.  By the time the work weekend rolls around we should have the recycle shipping material onsite - so bring up your electronic junk (check the website first to see what they take) and help us raise more money.

Not sure at this time how easy it will be for members to send their own junk in.  Here's an email from one of Think Recycle's reps regarding that issue:

--- Quote ---"You'll need to make sure that you request ARS (authorized return service) shipping labels.  This label allows you to send your items from different locations and have everything under your account.  The only catch with this service is we'll need to physically mail you out these labels and you'll have to do the same thing for your members.  When we e-mail labels they are not ARS therefore your members may have to pay UPS for shipping."
--- End quote ---

Hopefully we'll get enough stuff to generate at least a small amount of cash.  The FR Society (with over 4000 members) gets about 100 pounds (money) per month from this.  If someone out there would like to take on mailing out the ARS shipping labels to museum members that ask for them, that would be a big administrative help.

Mike Fox:
A hundred pounds of money. Wow. Hope its all bills and not quarters. ;D

James Patten:
The recycle box arrived last week, so we are ready to accept ink cartridges, digital cameras, and all sorts of stuff in between.  The box can be set up anywhere.  So bring stuff up to put in the box.

Still looking for a volunteer to take on this administrative duty.

Erik Z. Missal:
 I would be willing to mail out the labels for the electronics recycling. Are the labels at the railroad currently? I've been thinking about coming next weekend. I could pick them up then.

James Patten:
Wonderful.  Thanks Erik.


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