Author Topic: New Sharon Diary 1870 to 1890  (Read 3085 times)

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New Sharon Diary 1870 to 1890
« on: June 13, 2010, 10:23:43 AM »
I mentioned this diary last Dec. in a post titled "FS&K Railbed 1897".  Now I've had a chance to see it and you can also.  The New Sharon Library has this 5 volume set available to view during open hours.  Thanks to Mrs. Jim Smith who typed all of a precious peek into daily life in New Sharon more than a century ago.  Most days ended for Mr. James W. Smith by recording in his journal the happenings, not only around the farm, but also within the community.  He was much more than just a farmer, juggling duties as assessor, treasurer, selectman, and prominent citizen. I talked with 80+ year old Jim Smith at the family farm on Smith Rd., a left turn off Cape Cod Hill Rd., probably about a mile out of New Sharon Village.  He never knew his grandfather, James W. Smith, but has this great family record to feel like he was there with him.  Jim's late wife carefully transcribed each page for us to also relive those times. Twenty years from 1870 to 1890 is covered in detail not found in any history book.  I devoured all I could absorb in a couple hour visit and will be back for more soon.  New Sharon Library is located on the now dead end Main St., just past the cemetary, a left turn on Library St. to an old farm house.  The open hours are Tues. 4-7, Thurs. 10-1, and Sat. 10-1.  Go in, sit down, and have a visit with the Smith's of New Sharon.