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April 25, 2017, 04:28:18 PM *
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 on: April 25, 2017, 08:28:18 AM 
Started by Jason M Lamontagne - Last post by Wayne Laepple
Those of us who have had the sometime dubious pleasure of working on Pennsylvania Railroad steam locomotives often add a bit to the company's slogan. The Pennsylvania may have been "the standard railroad of the world," but all the rest were deluxe!

 on: April 24, 2017, 01:02:57 PM 
Started by Bill Baskerville - Last post by Joe Fox
Wow, what nice looking doors Bill. Look forward to seeing you on Thursday and Saturday.

 on: April 24, 2017, 12:52:20 PM 
Started by Bill Baskerville - Last post by Mike Fox
Mighty fine looking Bill. Can't wait to see them Saturday.

 on: April 24, 2017, 12:02:19 PM 
Started by Bill Baskerville - Last post by Bill Baskerville
Here are the finished coach 8 doors ready for loading for the trip North.  I have the tempered glass which I will carry in the car so it won't risk being broken in the trailer.  The transport leaves Wednesday morning.


 on: April 23, 2017, 10:39:10 PM 
Started by Fred L. Kuhns - Last post by Stewart "Start" Rhine
The Sunday evening post features a 100+ year old photo taken in Wiscasset of the bridge walk where everyone crossed the WW&F freight line on the bridge.  The rare view was taken prior to the construction of the Turner Centre Creamery so you see more of the trestlework.

 on: April 23, 2017, 04:24:37 PM 
Started by Jason M Lamontagne - Last post by Mike Fox
I have yet to complete this, but May 1 is coming up. That is the requested delivery date for the 4- 4 foot culverts that are on order. I need to build an elevated staging area next to the rail pile in the parking lot. Probably above the crane turntable pieces to save space. This will be temporary storage for the culverts that are coming in. This will allow rolling the pipe off the trailer and not having to lift it.

 on: April 23, 2017, 04:20:27 PM 
Started by Jason M Lamontagne - Last post by Joe Fox
MP 7 area will be pretty most of the track from Rosewood to Albees. Hopefully we can dress the areas that don't get lifted, as much of that area needs stone.

 on: April 23, 2017, 02:52:09 PM 
Started by Jason M Lamontagne - Last post by Jason M Lamontagne
The latest version of the work weekend track crew plan looks roughly like this:

Thursday: crew 1: run stone to MP 7 lift areas
Friday: crew 1: run stone to Mountain extension
Saturday: crew 1: lift and shovel tamp Mountain extension
Saturday: crew 2: finish running stone to Mountain extension, then finish running stone to MP 7 lift area, then lift and power tamp MP 7
Sunday: crew 1: finish tamping mountain and MP 7, in that order.

Note one crew only both Friday and Sunday.  Saturday two track crews only if sufficient help on hand.

See ya

 on: April 23, 2017, 09:13:28 AM 
Started by Joe Fox - Last post by Stephen Hussar
Nice! Thanks for posting this, Joe!

 on: April 22, 2017, 08:25:51 PM 
Started by James Patten - Last post by Mike Fox
James forgot to mention work continued on the equipment car today. Jason wanted a way to address potential side thrust, and between he and I texting back and forth Friday, this was the result. The last thing I need to do is finish the tow point. I started today, but did not finish. Then when the trailer is flipped back over, I have more welding to do, frame to cross members and the plates I couldn't get today.

And Paint. Stewart and I talked paint for a second today, and I think I like his idea of black, atleast for the new frame, and the trailer School Bus Yellow.

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