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I should note, download the attachments, download and install Google Earth.  Double click the attachments and it will open Google Earth for you.  Right click, select properties to change line colors, fill, etc.

Here is something that I am making a little progress in my spare time, which isn't much right now.
My typing is slow to as I have an injury to my dominant hand.
What these files contain are overlays that can be viewed in Google Earth.
These focus primarily on Wiscasset and include the buildings on the maps in Narrow Gauge in the Sheepscott Valley V.1 (I think)
The files aredrawn in ArcView 9.0 over a combination of a CAD file, 1foot orthos, and topo maps from the UNH collection (not applicable for most, if not all of the WWFRY)
I am working on Geo referencing the maps of the SRRL and may venture to the archives for more detailed information.  This is the start.


How comprehensive a map are you looking for?  I have started Geo-refrencing old USGS maps to get a rough idea of the lines overlaid on current aerial photography.  The attached image is small, sorry.  Eventually I will convert the file to kml for Google Earth.  Right now it will just be simple lines, but I can also add points and shapes for just about anything on the old maps, ie: structures, place names, schools, etc.  I would also like to include detailed drawings overlaid on places of interest, yards, sidings, etc.  Everything is approximate, we are dealing with a couple generations of datums and varying surveys, the angles of townlines arequite different in some cases.

I would be happy to add any gps data to this, even scaled sketches can be used as long as there are fixed reference points, idealy over an existing aerial or topo map.


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