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Massachusetts' Two Footers / mystery baggage car at Edaville
« on: October 18, 2019, 01:11:17 PM »
I've only been to Edaville 2 times. During those two times, I recall a baggage car decked out with Christmas treats and whatnot. I don't recall any of the Maine two footers having an if any, baggage car, beside the Edaville, considering these screenshots I took from a video filmed in 2015.

Video link:
go to  11:46 in there

location on google maps:,-70.7708233,213m/data=!3m1!1e3

I have seen it when I have been there but never had much knowledge on it and unfortunately haven't gotten any pictures or photos, considering it has no signs of lettering or numbers, just the standard Edaville paint scheme. Anyone happen to know what two-footer it is from, what number it or if Edaville RR just built the car from scratch.

I am relatively new here, let alone this is my first post. But I have heard that you guys are looking for 60 lb rail and ties and I went looking around on the web for anything that might help. I found some useful stuff:

you'll need to scroll down a bit


I also wnated to take the opportunitty to ask if you guys are doing a southern extesion, because the old roadbed is still clear across from the street.

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