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Anybody ever brought up the 2' gas engine, two mine dump cars, 2' truck, and track panel (looks like Decauville) in Freeville, NY? Track panel looks lightweight. Maybe 25 pound rail? I was driving past it on Friday. Stopped in to the building, got a phone number for the owner. It's probably been sitting there for twenty years. They said they ran it last year and it ran fine. Owner had .... plans .... but time and resources are always limited.

Is this something useful to the museum? Should I make inquires? I have no use for it myself given that I'm selling the 87 acres of land on which I would install the track. I can't afford to buy it and donate it to the museum, either, so it would need a special fund-raising plan.

Museum Discussion / Ultimate Railfan Weekend?
« on: October 15, 2017, 12:56:26 AM »
I'm fantasizing about an ultimate railfan weekend at the WWF. What would it entail?
  • A train ride. Or two.
  • A runby of #9.
  • A tour of the facilities, including back shop, car barn, and rolling stock.
  • Letting people wander around the yard (which, frankly, you can't do anywhere else.)
  • A presentation on the history of the original railroad and the recreation.
  • A book, possibly just on the WWF, or all Maine two-footers
  • Meals
  • Accommodations
  • A bus tour of remaining bits of the WW&F not part of the Museum (if there are in fact enough worth looking at)
  • (feel free to add other suggestions below)

The way to do this at minimal financial risk is to get binding quotes for a certain patronage from everyone involved, then make it a kickstarter.

Work and Events / 2017 Fall Work Weekend Review
« on: October 09, 2017, 03:18:04 PM »
Summary: Excellent time, would visit again

First time volunteer. Live in Weare, NH, a 3 hour ride. Heard about the WW&F via, knew about the bi-annual work weekends. I had the weekend free-up unexpectedly, so I thought I would check it out. Came prepared with battery tools and hand tools in case I ended up working on carpentry or machines. Really wanted to do track work, though, because those other things you can do elsewhere or on your own house.

Friday we added ballast to track 2 and lined it.  Saturday was the most fun and we had the most people. More than enough people to lift a stick of rail and place it without feeling the weight. Added 18 sticks to the shingle mill siding, so 9 x 30, or 270 feet. Carried ties out, started spikes on one side, carried the first rail out, placed it up against the spikes. Carried the second rail out, bolted the rail joiners, spiked the first rail, gauged and spiked the second rail. Sunday we dropped more stone and added ties and another four sticks to the main line. Still needs ballast and alignment. We're now past the culvert on the south side of the dump truck access road.

Learned many subtleties, like the inside spikes should be on the same side of the tie to prevent the tie from rotating. Alternate ties should have the spikes on opposite sides. You should hit the spike with the spike maul. Not the tie. Not the railhead. Admired the skill of others who were able to drive in a spike like the tie was butter.

The sole unpleasant part of the work was waiting for the stone train to arrive. I want to work on a work weekend, not wait.

The bunkhouse was comfortable, if a bit "snorey" (I don't snore, of course, or if I do, I sleep through it). Definitely a bargain compared to any hotel. The food was hot, tasty, and plentiful, and on Saturday, delivered to us.

Updated OpenStreetMap at Top of the Mountain ( and the yard ( Added the mill siding and updated the new end of the line.

Photos and video from my weekend:

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