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Posted to facebook by Joe Card earlier today was an Edaville Roster from the late 40's or early 50's. There's one bit on information listed that states that flatcars 30-33 were Ex-WWF;B&SR. Could this be a typo or did Edaville actually obtain flatcars from the WWF, possibly through the B&SR?

Also note the last line on the paper stating that 8 other flatcars and 1 boxcar were dismantled and stored for future use. I assume that some of these cars later became Edaville's open air car fleet.

Attached is a picture of list that was posted to facebook.



For 2017, the Boothbay Railway Village will be bringing a live steam engine to the Railroad Hobby Show.

The locomotive was built by the H K Porter Company in Pittsburgh in 1925 for the Raritan Copper Company in New Jersey. H K Porter specialized in industrial locomotives, and the Boothbay locomotive was one of eleven owned by Raritan Copper.

The 2-foot gauge engine will be set up outdoors at the Railroad Hobby Show, operating on approximately 100 feet of track under its own steam power.   Boothbay Railway Village operates a fully certified boiler shop and completed restoration of the H K Porter locomotive in 2014.

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