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The Original W&Q and WW&F: 1894-1933 / Ships and boats at Wiscasset
« on: February 07, 2013, 12:16:15 AM »
As I deal with the more prosaic aspects (module construction and trackwork) of a Wiscasset based model railroad I drift occasionally into research and planning.  Lately I'm thinking about a future waterfront module.  This gives rise to questions about the ships and boats that habituated Wiscasset harbor and the nearby estuary.   I haven't yet had much luck with a couple of days probing the internet.  Perhaps the right search words are escaping me.  Were I a New England resident I would spend a weekend in one of your city libraries or perhaps hunt up folks from the Lincoln County historical society.  But that's not in the cards at the moment.
There's that popular 1878 panorama woodcut that show quite a few ships and a few boats and at least one that looks like a tug.  A few images in some of our favorite reference books on the WW&F show ships at the docks.  But after that I'm running out of sources that I can tap from 3000 miles way in CA. 
So I have lots of questions I want to answer about modeling watercraft for the Wiscasset waterfront. That includes everything from cargo ships down to small fishing boats.  Can any of you local Maine guys or heavy historians point me in the direction of information sauces?  I'd especially like to model specific vessels rather than generic types.  Of especial interest would be specifics one of the regular tug boats that would have worked the port in the 1900-1925 period for maneuvering the sailing ships in and out of the wharfs.  Also of interest is fishing boats if any as well as pile drivers and dredges.
Thanks, Ed Weldon,  Los Gatos, CA

I'm getting into planning and building an HOn30 30" x 7"2 modular layout of the WW&F yard and wondering what colors to use for the natural dirt ground surface.  I'm looking at a high resolution copy of a commonplace BW photo c1933 or later of the yard looking north toward tthe car shop and coal shed. It shows ground color to be a darker shade than the weathered cross ties and the paint on the south end of the car shop.  About the same darkness as the rusted rail tops, sprigs of sparce vegetation and the lower siding on the coal shed.  Lighter than the box cars lined up on the sidings and the corner of the sawmill.  Leaves on distant trees suggest a late summer time frame and fairly dry conditions for the photo.
Can anyone suggest a comparable commercial or model paint color?  Would you color your model soil with a light wash of raw or burnt sienna, raw or burnt umber or something else?
Trouble is, I've only been to Maine once in my life and I was too young to pay attention to such things.  If one of you has some well founded ideas here I may have other questions about the colors of things and other trivia.
Thanks, Ed Weldon , Los Gatos, CA   

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