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Volunteers / Re: September 2019 Work Reports
« on: October 13, 2019, 01:19:42 AM »
Thanks Gary and Barb!

If it's not too much trouble and it would be a help, fiction non-fiction, children's- the kind of books to help pass the time while waiting for a train, or learning more about trains are ideal  ;D

Volunteers / Re: October 2019 Work Reports
« on: October 13, 2019, 01:18:10 AM »
Not wanting to be idle for even a moment, we also have been concurrently running public trains all weekend to Top of Mountain where they are met by a hay wagon from SeaLyon farm for a trip up to their pumpkin patch. We are doing these 'Pumpkin Picking Trains to SeaLyon Farm' for the 10:30AM, 12, and 1:30PM trains.

Today we probably had in the neighborhood of 50 riders, which is great considering the rain. Conductors could give better information. Meanwhile, we've got about 45 tickets presold for tomorrow's 10:30AM train.

It's great to see the railroad doing what railroads are meant to do even in the midst of extending the railway. And what an impressive effort to pull it all off. Very nice work everyone- you've done a great job and it shows in the nice things people are saying online and the kind comments from passengers who've ridden so far this weekend.

Nice work setting a great standard of service.


Volunteers / Re: September 2019 Work Reports
« on: October 12, 2019, 02:28:35 AM »
A big, big thanks to Bill for constructing these libraries! While alone they might not seem like much, they will go a long way toward providing other activities on and along the railway for visitors who may not necessarily be railway enthusiasts to enjoy.

The one at Sheepscot will allow visitors to choose a book to read on the platform while they wait for the train or one to read on the train itself.

Meanwhile, the one at Alna Center will compliment the expanded picnic grove and pavilion there and give visitors something to pass the time between trains if they choose to extend there stay at Alna Center for a picnic, concert, etc.

Books can be freely exchanged between the stations and will eventually be able to be exchanged (by trail) with the one at Alna's town office.

We're looking forward to getting them painted, installed, and hopefully filled with books (childrens, railway, and everything in between) so our patrons can enjoy them next season!

Thanks for making the addition possible- I am beyond motivated by your enthusiasm and support on this project!


Work and Events / Re: B&SR tank car rebuild
« on: August 21, 2019, 03:59:10 AM »
Although, the cars themselves may have been assembled in the early 1900s, I believe Phillip Marshall suggested that the tanks themselves may have actually belonged to earlier, standard gauge tank cars.

Work and Events / Re: Moving passenger cars from MNGRR to WWFRY
« on: July 27, 2019, 12:11:49 AM »
An article detailing the move along with the arrival of the Rangeley was recently in the Wiscasset Newspaper. Read it here:

I am sure there will be work that can be done on Sunday regardless of whether it is the planned work or not. I suspect some RoW cutting could happen, along with a few other things.

Heads up folks! Joe Fox and I spoke this morning and we are still on for Rock the Mountain this weekend. We are expecting hot weather, so having more people rather than fewer will be key to make sure no one gets exhausted. Plenty of water and drinks will be provided to keep everyone hydrated. If it does prove unbearably hot, we will likely find some other work to do as there is always plenty happening around here.

This weekend we are hosting what we are calling 'Stuff a Boxcar'.

Each person who brings a non-perishable food item or monetary donation will receive a free round trip ticket to ride the train. Food donations will be sent to area food pantries for Alna, Wiscasset, Whitefield, and Jefferson. Monetary donations will be split 80/20 between food pantries and the WW&F.

This is as especially important time of year for food pantry donations because outside of the holiday season food pantry donations typically fall off, but the need remains steady. Summer can be a hard time, so events like this help to bring necessary resources in at a critical part of the year.

Come on out and support a worthy cause while riding the railway you love!

Original Railway / Re: Forecaster May 15th, 2019 article
« on: June 08, 2019, 03:22:47 AM »
Dwight told me that in a subsequent issue of the Forecaster Zac did follow up by mentioning us in relation to the earlier story. Just what he said, I'm sorry to say I don't know since I apparently missed that issue.

That being said, I haven't heard back from Zack re: my email but I would still very much like to invite him for a tour.


Work and Events / Re: What If? Design Project: 1925-1940 2ft Diesel
« on: June 07, 2019, 02:00:52 AM »
Look! Those trucks are already vacuum brake equipped- and the pots look similar to the Eames pots on No. 9 :)
Now, to temper my interest (and excitment), I really feel that there is some potential here. I'm certainly interested in learning more!

Work and Events / Re: Coach 9 - Official Work Thread
« on: June 04, 2019, 02:16:44 AM »
Really fantastic looking work Harold! I'm impressed by the output and consistency. Did you make up a set of jigs for producing those studs?

Museum Discussion / Re: 10 + 11 = 21: WW&F needs 2 New Boilers
« on: May 14, 2019, 06:04:35 AM »
Hi Bill,

You are correct, there are many new events and I have been the driving force of some of them. The Mother's Day Tea, for example was me.

The 21 Campaign Open Shop Day was Joe Fox.

Evening Trains have been a collaboration between many of us.

Concert series was the ideas of many of us.

These are just a few, but represent the efforts of many to enhance the Museum's offerings.

Pay as you wish weekend was Fred Morse. (More on this one coming soon!)

So, I basically keep my ear of the rail and listen for ideas, take them, refine them a bit and brand them. Once in a great while, I'll have an ideas idea of my own that I see through to fruition.

The key element of nearly all events is employing the railroad as transportation- either to an event, or as an element of the event.

I cannot yet say for sure, but ridership so far has been strong this year, and we are headed into te two biggest event weekends of the month. I think we are on target for our most well attended May ever.

Moderator Announcements / Re: NEWSLETTERS!!!
« on: May 14, 2019, 12:00:38 AM »
So very crafty Ed. You totally rock (and roll)

Museum Discussion / Re: 10 + 11 = 21: WW&F needs 2 New Boilers
« on: May 13, 2019, 11:59:41 PM »
On May 18th, we're inviting our 21 Campaign donors for an Ooen Shop Day at the Railway! Our shop will be open to visitors while work on No. 10 progresses, with key shop personnel available to answer questions and describe work on the project from 10:30 until 3PM.

Lunch will be served in the shop around noon while shop personnel take lunch break.

Trains will be running on their regular schedule throughout the day at 10:30 AM, 12 Noon 1:30 PM. In addition there will be a Mixed Extra train leaving Sheepscot at 3PM. 2nd class railcar service will run at 10:55AM and 12:25PM.

Do you feel as though you are often confronted with too many choices in life? Happen to be building a railroad? You're going to be faced with many choices, not the least of which is the choice of gauge (the distance between the rails). Do you wonder about the so-called 'standard' gauge and whether it is really always the right choice when building a railway?

Come to a presentation at the Alna Center Station on Saturday May 18th to learn more. Attendees can reach the event from a train departing Sheepscot Station (97 Cross Road, Alna) at 6:30 PM. Following the presentation, the train will return to Sheepscot at 8:30PM

Learn first-hand why 2-foot narrow gauge railways, like the ones built by the sensible people in the state of Maine, could be the right choice for your community. WW&F Railway Superintendent Jason Lamontagne will explain just how such a narrow gauge railway can enhance transportation, commerce and culture while doing so with an economy of cost and ease of construction, both things a 'standard' gauge railway could not match.

At Alna Center there will be a bonfire and bean supper available at the event for $8.00, including hot dogs, salads, and drinks. Proceeds will benefit the continued reconstruction of the railway.

Event tickets are $10.00 for adults, $5.00 for children 4-12 and free for children birth-3. Event tickets are available at the railway prior to 6:30PM or online. Advance tickets (available at are recommended, but not required. We cannot guarantee space on the train without an advance ticket.

Arrive 30 minutes prior to departure to ensure a relaxed boarding experience.

For more information visit or call 207-882-4193

~Event is weather permitting~ In the case of foul weather ticket holders will be informed and tickets will be refunded.

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