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Title: How Close Did The FS&K Get To Connect With The SR&RL?
Post by: Glenn Byron on February 09, 2010, 11:29:27 AM
I've long wondered how close Leonard Atwood and Co. got to see his dream railroad connect with The Sandy River and Rangely Lakes rails in The Maine Central Railroad Yard at Front Street, Farmington.  Nancy Porter, Curator of The Farmington Historical Society, shared this great article from The Farmington Chronicle dated October 11, 1900.  Headline: RAILROAD MATTERS  Subheadline: Workmen Laying Ties on the Roadbed of the FS&K Railway, and the Iron is Expected Later.# "Frank Pooler and two other men have been laying ties on the FS&K Railway, and Tuesday were laying ties and filling the back of the Russell Bros.-Estes Co's lower mill, so as to bring the ties on a level with those of The Sandy River Railroad on the trestle at that point. By consent, also, of Supt. Beal of The Sandy River Railroad, as we are informed on good authority, Mr. Pooler laid a frog and rail on the trestle-which is just south of their yard limit- so that when the rails should be laid along the whole line of The FS&K a connection would be made there with The Sandy River road. # Mr. Pooler says that after he laid the frog and rail he saw several men with Supt. Beal on the trestle talking, and later he noticed that some twenty feet of The Sandy River Railroad's track north from the frog had been taken up and a "bunter" set in the roadbed. It is said that this was done by order of the chief engineer of The Maine Central Railroad who was advised so to do by that railroad's attorney.  He said that The FS&K had no right to make any attempt to connect with The Sandy River or any other railroad here till permission to do so had been granted by the proper officers- the railroad commissioners- after the customary legal proceedings had been gone through with. # The Franklin, Somerset & Kennebec's roadbed  is graded, and trestles and culverts built from Farmington to New Sharon, and now the ties are being laid; in the near future, it is hoped, the rails will be put down. But it will be readily seen that the occasion for a "marry war" is an event not likely to occur for some time, if ever."
Title: Re: How Close Did The FS&K Get To Connect With The SR&RL?
Post by: Glenn Byron on February 09, 2010, 11:49:52 AM
Now, I'm not too adept here to see this picture clearly.  Maybe some of our track layers can get in here to show us non railroad types exactly what this scene entailed.  I've been enjoying the great discussion elsewhere on this forum about the Tasmanian Railroad and the great pictures included.  We know The SR&RL had tracks south of the MCRR Yard into the lumber yard below and used them for car storage.  If I'm getting the picture correctly, these unused rails was where The FS&K was trying mate up with.  Also included in this article is the term "Trestle".  This gives me the picture that maybe that 1000 foot trestle really did cross Front Street and into the lumber yard.  What do you think?
Title: Re: How Close Did The FS&K Get To Connect With The SR&RL?
Post by: Glenn Byron on March 30, 2014, 07:36:24 PM
Wow!  The Railway Commissioners Report recently listed shows the battle royal between Mr. Atwood's FS&K and MCRR went head to head from here, October 1900 to the decision July 1901.  Why, when he lost access in the MCRR yard, Mr. Atwood didn't skirt around Farmington and join SR&RL north of town is a mystery.  Already a huge expenditure had been used in developing the line to New Sharon. Surely Little Blue School would have been happy to be rid of that pesky 1000' trestle.